Monday, August 22, 2011

Kuwait Deals

I do love some deals. There are currently 3 websites offering the best daily deals in Kuwait. Err... actually, it's 4 websites. I was just discovered the last one a couple days ago.

I'm type of lazy person who doesn't want to follow all the websites every midnight. So the idea is to collect all the deals and put it on my Android phone (to be honest, the app also available on my iPhone, but I don't have guts to publish it). Lucky me, the HTML tags they are using is not very complicated. So I can grab them using CURL and XPATH with PHP.

Unfortunately, for, as I grab the website from US Server, they showed the US Dolar currency, not the Kuwaiti Dinar. And I did some experiments to get the Kuwaiti Dinar price, but still no luck. The easiest way would be getting the data from Kuwait IP Address, but it may require some steps.

Ah, one more thing. After I published the application, I noticed that updating the deals on 12:00 pm, instead of 00:00 am. So there are 2 different time when I fetch the data from the websites.

Enough with the back-end thing, the application is FREE. Completely FREE. So go grab them.

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