Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kuwait Airport app has been acquired by PiXiL

I am proud to write, that one of my application has been acquired by PiXiL, a company focusing on the smart devices such as iPhone, Android and Blackberry development.

The application will be available in Appstore as well, it just waiting for approval. It has the same functionality with the Android version.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kuwait airport app status

Some of you might be facing some troble with the application. To make it clear, the problem is not in my side, but the official website.

The application has been downloaded around 2,700 and counting. I guess the server cannot handle too much requests right now. So if you facing some problems getting the data, please wait a while or check the official website instead. Because the website giving my script the timeout result more often now.

And for you all the iOS users, the app will be coming to app store very soon. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Developer view: Why Android apps more expensive than iOS apps?

Some of you may asking the question above. As developer coming from iOS app, I will give you some of the reasons.

1. Developing android apps is a pain compare with iOS apps
Here is some of the reasons why developing Android apps is such a pain:

a. Simulator
The simulator is slow. It's 2011, and you need to wait around 3 - 6 minutes to see the small changes you made. Compared with iOS, it took maximum 1 minute.

b. Screen sizes
There are 4 type of screen sizes in Android, which are small screen, medium screen, large screen, and extra large screen. Each type has a range size. From the developer guide, small screen has AT LEAST 426x320. The medium screen AT LEAST 470x320, the large screen AT LEAST 640x480, the extra large screen (usually tablet) has AT LEAST 960x720.

Compared with iOS, Apple only have 2 screen sizes for iPhone and 1 screen size of iPad. The important thing is, if you only deal with 1 screen size in iPhone, your UI Design will work on all the iPhones. The different between iPhone 4 and below is a matter of the resolution.

c. Eclipse is suck
No other reason.

d. You need more device to test
At least, you need 2 devices to test your app. Currently I only have 1. But I don't want to buy another device until I really get what I'm expected.

2. Not all developers allow to sell the app
Until now, only developers from 29 countries can sell application in Android market. So google only allows developer from "3rd countries" to create Free apps. Because it's free application, no wonder the quality of their apps is so-so.

But many of them, like myself, is using a friend from 29 countries above and sell the apps under their friend name. The consequent is, their friend is asking for a percentage. Google took 30%, and a friend took around 10%. So the developer get only 60% from the actual price. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Statistic on the Kuwait apps

Currently I have 4 apps on Android market made for Kuwait users. It's been 2 months since I built the first app for Kuwait. Let see the statistics:

Q8Benzin ($1.30)
1. Total install: 28
2. Total rating: 1
3. Total comment: 1
4. Revenue: around $20

Kuwait Airport (FREE)
1. Total install: 1556
2. Total rating: 16
3. Total comment: 10

Kuwait Deals (FREE)
1. Total install: 811
2. Total rating: 10
3. Total comment: 7

KWIBlog (FREE - new app)
1. Total install: 3
2. Total rating: 0
3. Total comment: 0

The most device used are:
1. Samsung Galaxy S2 (59.5%)
2. Samsung Galaxy Tab (9.%)
3. Samsung Galaxy S (5%)

I didn't get what I expected, but I really appreciate for those who contacted me and say "Thank you". Some of them say it in arabic. But I don't really care.

Saying thank you is the easiest way, but its really make my day.  Because I only work on the app after I get home at night, and continue when I get chance. As developer, I really happy when my app can be useful for others.

So yes, I will continue making application for Kuwait.

Statistic on my Qatar apps

It's almost 1 month since I published my applications for Qatar. And these are the statistics:

Qatar Airport (FREE)
1. Total install: 271
2. Total rating: 1
3. Comment: 0
4. Most used devices: Galaxy S2 (25.5%), Galaxy Tab (11.5%), Galaxy S (10.9%)

Beside the FREE version, I do have the paid version.

Doha Airport ($1)
1. Total install: 2
2. Total rating: 0,
3. Comment: 0

I am not going to make another app for Qatar.