Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Where were you?

I know nobody asking, but I just want to write some update about myself.

So currently I don't have any Android device anymore. The previous one, which is Galaxy S1 was "broken". That mean, I can't do any android application anymore. If you asking what about the current published applications, I am sorry, I no longer able to update it until I get the new Android device.

My only device currently is iPhone 4s, so I am still having fun making iOS applications. I can't reveal the applications here, due some reasons.

Why not making iOS app for Kuwait?

I'm currently working at a company in Kuwait. My company specialized in Mobile apps. As you might know, to be iOS Developer you can't using a fake name. It won't good for me if my company know that I am competing with them. That is the only reason I don't make iOS app for Kuwait.

But I can make sure that I am involved in some applications for big company in Kuwait that published in the past 1 year. :)

Any Freelance?

I have been in Kuwait for about 5-6 years. At the beginning I tried making money from freelance job. It's good money, but its not good in term of the attitude of the one who contacted me. Many of them felt they gave me the money, so they can asked me anything they wanted. In the programming field, it's not easy to change the logic in the middle of project.

So that's why I don't want to get any freelance job anymore in Kuwait.

That's the only thing I want to write. Thank you for reading (if any!) 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kuwait Deals App v.2

So I'm coming back to my real life after working like crazy few months back.

Kuwait Deals version 2 has been published. With 3 big deals from popular sites in Kuwait, which are, and Now lets pray they don't have any plan to redesign their site in short time. ;)

Now what?

I have been planning to make the pro version for Kuwait Deals which I already have the data from, and But since I am not getting any good money from selling an app, I'm thinking to make it free and put some ads on it.

The plan for version 3 are:

- User will able to rate and comment on each deals.
- Add (But currently, their site is down)
- Put the ads on each deals rather than on the first page

Do you have any feature requests?