Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kuwait Deals App v.2

So I'm coming back to my real life after working like crazy few months back.

Kuwait Deals version 2 has been published. With 3 big deals from popular sites in Kuwait, which are, and Now lets pray they don't have any plan to redesign their site in short time. ;)

Now what?

I have been planning to make the pro version for Kuwait Deals which I already have the data from, and But since I am not getting any good money from selling an app, I'm thinking to make it free and put some ads on it.

The plan for version 3 are:

- User will able to rate and comment on each deals.
- Add (But currently, their site is down)
- Put the ads on each deals rather than on the first page

Do you have any feature requests?


  1. hey what about ?? why we cant see their deals anymore ?

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