Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello Android!

This would be my first post on this blog. So I will try to introduce myself here. I really am sorry if my english is not good as you expected.

Who are you?
I am originally iOS Developer and in learning to be Android Developer. For some reasons, I can't reveal my identity, because it will ruin my lovely live in Kuwait.

On behalf of learning to be Android Developer, I need to start making application. As I live in Kuwait, and I love staying here, and there are not many companies noticing Android users, so I started to make something useful for Android users in Kuwait.

What is your expertise?
All the published apps is done by me. Only me. So I do some backend with PHP, some web and mobile design, and mobile development.

How to contact you?
Only email. You can see my email on the Android Market.

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